A Northwest Mushroom Boom

October 20, 2010

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Sautéed morel mushrooms. Photo by Guy Hand

Washington and Oregon are in the midst of a mushroom-boom. The weather this fall has created nearly ideal conditions for the delicate delicacies. Correspondent Anna King reports.

Some might shiver to see a sliver of mushroom on their salad. But some people actually love mushrooms so much they hike into the woods with a basket each year. This year in many parts of Washington and Oregon, both commercial and recreational collectors are having good luck. Mick Mueller is with the U.S. Forest Service in Wenatchee. He says mushroom picking hasn’t been this good in 10 years.

Mick Mueller: “We got periodic rainfall into September and into October and that extended precipitation really helped. It’s just been wonderful as far as the amount of fruiting and the different species that have come out this year.”

But Mueller advises mushroom hunters to be very careful. Many Northwest mushrooms can make you sick, and some can even kill you.

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